Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil, Cathode Current Collector for Lithium-ion Batteries


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Carbon-coated aluminum foil replaces the conventional Al foil as the current collector for cathode with improved performance on binding the active materials and the conductivity. In preparation nanosized conductive graphite and carbon particles are well dispersed and evenly coated on the aluminum foil. The coated carbon layer provides excellent conductivity by reducing the contact resistance between the anode materials and the collection collector. It also reduces the use of electrode binders and improves battery performance.

  • Carbon coated layer with a thickness of ~1um
  • Compatible with both aqueous and non-aqueous electrode fabrication
  • Better electrical conductivity and less internal resistance
  • Better mechanical strength and toughness to avoid short circuits caused by dendrite growth
  • Improved adhesion between the substrate and the electrode material
  • Improve the rate capability of the electrode and enable longer service life of Li-Ion batteries


  • 15um Thickness *250mm Width, Single Carbon layer: 1um Thickness*210mm Width, 1.0kg/roll;
  • 15um Thickness *250mm Width, Single Carbon layer: 1um Thickness*210mm Width, 2.6kg/roll;
  • 12um Thickness *206mm Width, Double Carbon layers: 1um*2, 5kg/roll??
  • 15um Thickness *263mm Width, Double Carbon layers: 1um*2, 7.2kg/roll.

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Single Carbon layer, 15um *250mm, 1.0kg/roll, Single Carbon layer, 15um *250mm, 2.6kg/roll, Double Carbon layers, 15um*300mm , 5kg/roll, Double Carbon layers, 15um*300mm, 7.2kg/roll


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