Titanium Electrode, Copper Electrode, Aluminum Electrode, Nickel Electrode

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The metal (Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, or Nickel) electrodes are made of 99.9% metal disk.


  • Material: 99.9% Ti, Cu, Al, Ni
  • Sleeve material: PTFE Teflon or PEEK
  • Length of copper rod: 20mm
  • Length of Teflon sleeve: 60mm
  • Overall length: 80mm
Product IDElectrodeDiameter of the Metal
Ti120Ti2mm or 3mm
Cu120Cu2mm or 3mm
Al120Al2mm or 3mm

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Ti 120 Ø2, Ti 120 Ø3, Cu 120 Ø2, Cu 120 Ø3, Al 120 Ø2, Al 120 Ø3, Ni 120 Ø2, Ni 120 Ø3


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