Copper Foam, Electrode Substrate for Battery or Supercapacitor



The Copper foam has the following applications:

(1) Electrode material. Due to its excellent conductive properties, the copper foam has been widely used in nickel-zinc batteries, double-layer capacitors, and other new battery chemistry.

(2) Catalyst. In many organic chemical reactions, copper foam is directly used as the electrode instead of perforated copper since it has a large surface area. Copper foam works as a photocatalytic air purification carrier.

(3) Thermal conductivity materials. Copper foam has excellent thermal conductivity, making it a flame-retardant material with excellent performance, which has been applied in many advanced fire-fighting equipment.


  • 1.0mm*100mm*100mm (Thickness*Width*Length)
  • 1.0mm*200mm*300mm (Thickness*Width*Length)
  • 1.5mm*100mm*100mm (Thickness*Width*Length)
  • 1.5mm*200mm*300mm (Thickness*Width*Length)

Additional information

Specification (mm)

1.0*100*100, 1.0*200*300, 1.5*100*100, 1.5*200*300