Electric Rolling Press with Width 150mm

Width 150mm Electric Rolling Press-LT-DG100L

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Electric Rolling Press LT-DG100L is a useful tool for materials that require precise and efficient processing of materials into thin sheets or films, consisting of two 96 mm diameter rotating rollers that apply pressure to the material being processed. The rollers are powered by an electric motor, which allows for precise control over the pressing force and speed. It’s commonly used in Li-Ion batteries research after coating and drying. The thickness of the rolling is adjustable and easy to use.


StructureElectric Rolling Press LT-DG100L consists of two rollers, a set of hexagonal wrenches, 2 dial gauges, and 1 feeler gauge.
Heavy-duty steel frame, gears, and handle
Rolling Speed Adjustable (0 – 40 mm/s)
Roller size: 150mm width x 96mm Dia (dual rollers), made of hardened steel (RC > 60) with Cr electroplated coating (anti-rust prevention). Its hardness reaches the HRC62 standard
Dual micrometer for accurate thickness adjustment in the range of 0 – 2 mm with accuracy of +/-2.5um
Built-in toolbox for easy operation & safety barricades (front and behind rollers)
Rolling Gap0mm ~ 2mm(adjustable)
Rolling SpeedMax. 40 mm/ second (Rolling Speed Adjustable)
Forward, Stop, and backward switchable.
Digital control with constant output power 
Torque CapabilityMax. 2ton
Surface Hardness of RollersHRC 60-62
Never roll materials with hardness > 50HRC
Notice: The benchtop rolling press is not suitable for calendaring thick metals.
Working VoltageAC 220V single phase, 50 Hz, or AC110V Single Phase, 60Hz, 120W
Overall DimensionsL520mm*W220mm*H280mm
Net Weight55KG
WarrantyOne year limited with lifetime support.
Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or maintenance are not covered.
Application NotesThe Electric Rolling Press MRX-DG100L rollers are specially designed for battery R&D in terms of their advantages as affordable, compact, and precise. Please strictly follow the instructions to operate.
Must use acetone to clean the rollers’ surfaces after each use.
If the machine will be idle for a long period of time, please apply anti-rust lubricant on the rollers.
The minimum thickness of the rolled sheet should depend on the physical properties of the material. If you have some other materials to process. Please mail us your samples and we are willing to do the test for you
Warning: Never roll materials with hardness > 50HRC

If rolling Lithium metal foil, high-purity mineral oil shall be used as a lubricant to avoid Li sticks on the roller.
ArticlePlease refer to this instruction on how to calculate rolling pressure from the roller gap (reference only)
Analysis of geometric and electrochemical characteristics of lithium cobalt oxide electrodes with different packing densities
WarningsDuring operation, it is strictly forbidden to extend hands and other parts to the dangerous work area of the roller and gear transmission. Personal injury may happen. Two or more persons are not allowed to operate simultaneously.
When wiping the roller, stand behind the operating surface to wipe, and strictly prevent the cloth and hands from getting involved, which may cause personal injuries;
It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to wipe the rotating machine.
The operator must wear tight clothes, and those with long hair must wear a work cap.
External technicians and external designated personnel cannot disassemble and debug the equipment arbitrarily.
Do not disassemble circuit components without permission.

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