Notched Bar Film Applicator, 4-side


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This 4-side notched bar film applicator is used to coat a uniform film electrode on a flat substrate. There are 4 choices of thickness for each notched bar. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. The length of the bar is 100mm, which is able to cast a film with a width of 80mm.


  • #1: (5um, 10um, 15um, 20um)    
  • #2: (25um, 50um, 75um, 100um)  
  • #3: (50um, 100um, 150um, 200um)
  • #4: (30um, 60um, 90um, 120um)     
  • #5: (100um, 200um, 300um, 400um)   
  • #6: (50um, 75um, 100um, 125um)
  • #7: (100um, 150um, 200um, 250um) 
  • #8: (250um, 500um, 750um, 1000um)

For lithium battery lab research, No.7 with a thickness of 150um or 250um is strongly suggested.

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#1: (5um, 10um, 15um, 20um), #2: 25um, 50um, 75um, 100um), #3: (50um, 100um, 150um, 200um), #4: (30um, 60um, 90um, 120um), #5: (100um, 200um, 300um, 400um), #6: (50um, 75um, 100um, 125um), #7: (100um, 150um, 200um, 250um), #8: (250um, 500um, 750um, 1000um)


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