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How to choose an acrylic glovebox?

Acrylic Vacuum Glovebox
Acrylic Vacuum Glovebox with Both Main Chamber and Antechamber Vacuuming

1. Choose an acrylic glovebox for a laboratory

For laboratory research purposes, the models MA/MB/MC012, MA/MB/MC011, and MA/MB/MC010 are strongly recommended. Together with MA/MB/MC001, these models meet the requirements of most lab customers.

2. Internal equipment

If a balance needs to be placed inside, Model MA/MB/MC011 are MA/MB/MC001 are suggested. The dimension of the left port is 350mm in diameter.

3. Best value for price

MA/MB/MC012, MA/MB/MC011, and MA/MB/MC010.

4. Moisture and oxygen content

For MB with an antechamber to replace the gas, the humidity can be controlled at around 10%. As for MC models, the humidity can get to 1%-5% (about 100-300ppm). If lower moisture is needed, placing adsorbents such as molecular sieve or phosphorus pentoxide can be helpful.

5. Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps with pumping speeds between 4L-6L are recommended.

6. Furnace inside

 The surface temperature of the furnace should not exceed 50 degrees C.

7. Use of organic solvents inside?

Acrylic materials can be dissolved in most organic solvents. The use of organic solvents especially those volatile solvents may cause damage to the glovebox.

8. Use of Lithium Battery Electrolyte

A: The LIB electrolyte is corrosive, so it is not suggested to use it inside the acrylic glovebox, however, occasional use is all right, as long as there is no spill.

9. What is the difference between models MA, MB, and MC?

A: Type MA is a simple isolation box, with the acrylic thickness of 10mm; Type MB adds an antechamber that can be vacuumed, so gas inside the antechamber can be replaced to keep low moisture and oxygen.  Both the main chamber and antechamber in Type MC can be vacuumed. After vacuuming, high-purity gas is injected to maintain very low moisture and oxygen inside.

10. Spin coating machine inside

If a spin coater is needed inside the glovebox, there must be a separate vacuum system for it. Please consult before placing an order.

11. Left port on the glovebox

The loft port can be custom-made in a square shape. But it is not recommended as the sealing is not as good as a round port.

12. Formaldehyde

In our products formaldehyde content is pretty low and meets health standards.

13. What should I pay attention to while using the glovebox?

Type MA and MB glove boxes are simple. The gas inside can be directly replaced with inert gas to achieve the desired environment. As for the Type MC glovebox, the glove ports must be sealed and vacuumed before vacuuming the main chamber, otherwise, the gas sealed in the gloves will inflate and explode the gloves. At the same time, the antechamber needs to be vacuumed before vacuuming the main chamber.  

14. Use a hygrometer inside the glovebox.

A hygrometer works when the moisture is above 20%. It doesn’t work for moisture below 20%. A dew-point meter is needed for the Type MC glovebox.