Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, NCM111, NCM523, NCM622, NCM811 Cathode Powder


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Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide is a major cathode material of lithium batteries, and it accounts for a major market share of cathode material of lithium batteries in the world. It combines the advantages of lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel oxide, and lithium cobalt oxide, such as capacity, high power capability, thermal stability, etc. Although the NMC battery has a lower volumetric energy density than that of the LiCoO2, the higher specific power and the long-life suit its use for power tools, electric vehicles, and e-bikes.

Polycrystal NCM111 Cathode


D50 (um)7.8
BET (m2/g)0.45
Tap Density (g/cm3)2.53
Discharge Capacity (mAh/g)150

Special Note:

  • Polycrystal structure with excellent cycling performance and thermal stability
  • Easy to process and make a slurry/electrode
  • High tap density, suggested tap density of the electrode >3.45g/cc

Single Crystal NCM523 Cathode


D50 (um)4.2
BET (m2/g)0.61
Tap density (g/cm3)1.85
Discharge capacity (mAh/g)180

Special Note:

  • Single-crystal structure with high capacity, 1st cycle efficiency, and excellent cycling performance
  • Can charge to 4.35V and maintain good thermal stability
  • suggested tap density > 3.4g/cc
  • Poor electronic conductivity needs optimization for the electrode formula.

Polycrystal NCM622 Cathode


D10 (um)7.5
D50 (um)11.3
D90 (um)16.8
BET (m2/g)0.4
Tap Density (g/cm3)2.47
Capacity (mAh/g, 3.0~4.25V, half cell)172

Special Note:

  • Polycrystal structure, high capacity, high efficiency in the first cycle, good rate and cycling performance
  • Easy to process and make a slurry/electrode

Single Crystal NCM811 Cathode


D10 (um)1.62
D50 (um)3.77
D90 (um)6.68
BET (m2/g)0.89
Tap Density (g/cm3)2.00
Capacity (mAh/g, 3.0~4.3V, half cell)190

Special Note:

  • High nickel cathode materials are alkaline. It should be stored in a vacuum or inert gas environment to prevent reactions with moisture and the air. An irreversible capacity loss will be found if the storage condition is not well maintained.
  • Humidity should be strictly controlled during the process of the NCA cathode, from making a slurry to drying the electrode.
  • The electrode slurry made from high-nickel cathode material is less stable than that of the conventional transition metal oxide. The electrode formula needs to be optimized.

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Polycrystal NCM111 Cathode, Single Crystal NCM523 Cathode, Polycrystal NCM622 Cathode, Single Crystal NCM811 Cathode


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